2012 Ford Focus Electric Review, Specs and Prices

2012 Ford Focus Electric is the latest electric car from Ford is re-created for those users who care about the environment, because the electric car uses an electric motor to generate power. 2012 Ford Focus Electric has a design similar to conventional Ford Focus, no significant changes in this electric car. At the front, the 2012 Ford Focus Electric to have the design and layout of the center stack has not changed, using an 8-inch touch screen that can be clearly displayed information. One change of note is the revised instrument cluster, which now, uses a center-mounted speedometer with two LCD screens flanking both sides. This is very similar to what we first saw in the Fusion Hybrid, featuring a different growing out of the dash, all of which can be configured. 2012 Ford Focus Electric Prices

2012 Ford Focus Electric has two new colors, it’s Blue Candy White for $ 395 and Platinum for $ 495 – as well as leather upholstery. New Ford Focus Electric Standart come with the cloth seats (partially made from recycled materials) seen in our test car, but if leather is more your thing, Ford will Gladly SEW it in for $ 995. The cloth front buckets are comfortable and supportive, and since They come standard with bun warmers, we suspect most buyers will opt to save the cows – and a few bucks.

So, it looks like a Focus, is as good as perfected in Focus, and – surprise, surprise – it drives like a Focus as well. That is, it’s smooth, predictable and easy to manage, while offering a surprising amount of driver involvement. If we are honest, in some cases, we actually prefer the version with gas dynamics. Electrical model does away with the dual-clutch PowerShift transmission interrupt, the additional weight of the battery on the back allows for better weight distribution, and more powerful motors do an adequate job of rushing all £ 3642-694 more than basic five-door Focus – play with passion feasible. 2012 Ford Focus Electric Engine Power

2012 Ford Focus Electric has a 23-kWh battery power electric motor, capable of producing up to 141 horsepower and 188 pound-feet of torque. We do not always drive for efficiency during our testing, and when we do remove our shoes save money, we find it very fun to mash the throttle off the line, giving full whallop torque to the front wheels right from 0 RPM. It’s easy to get those green tires to beat, though – especially when accelerating into a turn. But when it’s time to slow things down, the brakes are not super sensitive as some hybrid and electric cars with regenerative braking is too prominent. In fact, we have fun playing with Brake Coach function gauge cluster, which shows how much energy can be reused are saved for each task braking. Go easy on the binder and you’ll get 100 percent almost every time.

New Ford Focus Electric has EPA levels at 110 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) highway, 99 city and 105 MPGe MPGe combined. Ford says that you can travel about 80 miles between charges, but of course, your mileage will vary. And when it comes time to recharge, the 2012 Ford Focus Electric offers a big win over Nissan Leaf. Charging mechanism itself is twice as strong as the one at Nissan, which means it is possible to fully recharge the 2012 Ford Focus Electric in just four hours of Level 2 240-volt charging station (this may take as long as 20 hours on ordinary 120-volt plug).

2012 Ford Focus Electric Review, Specs and Prices
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