2013 Audi S6 Has Lighter Weight and More Efficient

Audi S6 is a luxury sedan from Audi which has the best performance and quality, supporting a variety of features and advanced technology you can find on the Audi S6 sedan is. 2013 Audi S6 is a new series of family luxury sedan Audi S6, before 2013 Audi S6 have shown the first time at the Frankfurt Auto Show. 2013 Audi S6 has a lighter weight than the previous series, with a lighter weight make the 2013 Audi S6 has an efficiency and better performance. New Audi S6 also goes one better than the Audi Q7 in how it is different in the height of the civil Audi A6/A7. While the Audi Q7 sit as much as 0.8 inches lower than standard Audi A7, Audi S6 has a full 1.2 inches lower than the Audi A6, so it feels dynamic – especially with 20-inch footprint – more responsive. 2013 Audi S6 Prices

Costs required to bring the 2013 Audi S6 into your garage is expensive, because the 2013 Audi S6 has a MSRP price forecast is U.S. $ 70,000, while European buyers of the new Audi S6 does not get a lot of bells and whistles thrown to the German base price is 72 900 Euro after taxes ($ 96,400 USD at the time of this writing), the US must be able to get Audi S6 Quattro Prestige has an excellent addition to the Audi S-Tronic, a better transmission than the Quattro, Euro sport standard rear differential. 2013 Audi S6 prices for North America will be announced prior to start shipping in October. Western Europe began to get a 2013 Audi S6 in July. 2013 Audi S6 Engine Spesifications

2013 Audi S6 uses a new twin-turbocharged engine, more powerful, 4.0-liter TFSI V-8 engine that can generate power of 414 HP and 406 lb-ft of torque. 2013 Audi S6 also has faster acceleration than the previous series, because it goes from 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds while the Audi S6 in the previous series just 5.1 seconds. While the top speed of 2013 Audi S6 is held electronically limited to 155 mph with the transmission S-tronik 7-speed.

While the performance is respectable (though not mind-numbing), Audi S6 is a real achievement of efficiency. In addition to revised powertrain, 2013 Audi S6 uses start-stop feature and cylinder-on-demand technology, which allows the car to operate on a highway for four-cylinder driving to conserve fuel. (Hand-in hand with the cylinder deactivation function is active noise cancellation system, which sends anti-phase noise into the cabin to cancel the engine noise when the engine is operating on half its cylinders.)

2013 Audi S6 Has Lighter Weight and More Efficient
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